Young Heretics

Piloted by its Oxford-educated host Spencer Klavan, “Young Heretics” explores the concepts of truth, beauty, and everything that makes Western culture great in the face of an increasingly hostile academia, media, and culture through which liberals guard the great works of the West behind lock and key to “protect” the next generation from the supposed racism, sexism, and homophobia of those that came before. "Young Heretics," in direct contrast to this, provides an open forum for exploring, understanding, and enjoying the great works of Western literature. 40 Episodes

Ep. 75: Who Decides? ・19.10.2021

Your right to make your own choices is under assault. But where does that right come from anyway? Conscience is one of the oldest and deepest ideas in the Western tradition, developed by millennia of thought stemming from both Athens and Jerusalem. Spencer tells the story of conscience ... Read More

Ep. 74: Who Is Free? ・12.10.2021

In this episode of Young Heretics, we follow St. Thomas More to his death, and ask how it can be that he managed to find the strength for martyrdom. Spencer Klavan offers comfort and guidance from the great Saint for a moment when the powers of the world seem both powerful and threateni... Read More

Ep. 73: Stronger Than Death ・06.10.2021

In an age when anxieties about state persecution are running high, Spencer Klavan looks to the ironclad perseverance of Saint Thomas More. More lived in a far more dangerous time than our own, and his confidence in the reality of the hereafter kept him firm in the face of tyranny. This ... Read More

Ep. 72: My Redeemer Lives ・28.09.2021

How can a good and just God allow suffering? The Book of Job is where the Old Testament looks this question squarely in the face. In this episode of Young Heretics, Spencer Klavan discusses this masterwork of wisdom literature, drawing out lessons for patience in suffering that go beyon... Read More

Ep. 71: Face to Foot Style ・21.09.2021

With Thrasymachus the sophist thoroughly spanked and sent home crying, the real philosophers in the room get to work. That's the premise of Republic Book II, in which Socrates embarks with Glaucon and Adeimantus on a monumental project of imaginary civilization-building. In this episode... Read More

Ep. 70: Young Love ・14.09.2021

Romeo and Juliet are two truly iconic characters—Shakespeare's tragedy has made them so powerfully real that it's almost as if they're still alive. But who are they, really, and why did this one play stick so firmly in the mind of the West? In this episode of Young Heretics, Spencer Kla... Read More

Ep. 69: The Agony of Mercy ・07.09.2021

How do we put blood guilt to rest? It isn't pretty. In this episode of Young Heretics, Spencer Klavan walks through the conclusion of Aeschylus' Oresteia and traces the ideas it conveys throughout Western history. In the end, the question is not "what are we owed," but, "how can we live... Read More

Ep. 68: Coming of Age ・31.08.2021

Who is Orestes? What kind of man will he be? That is the question on which the middle play of the Oresteia turns. In this episode of Young Heretics, Spencer Klavan walks through the tragedy and the questions it raises for men and women facing the unfairness of life today.
Everyone wa... Read More

Ep. 67: Blood Feud ・24.08.2021

Are the sins of the father really the sins of the son? That's the question driving Aeschylus' Oresteia, the only surviving complete trilogy of Greek tragedies. In this episode of Young Heretics, Spencer Klavan begins a three-part journey through Aeschylus' prizewinning masterwork, seeki... Read More

Ep. 66: What is America? ・17.08.2021

Can we still do America anymore? Is the Constitution just hopelessly outdated? In a world governed by elites who think the whole America thing doesn't work, Spencer Klavan uses Aristotle's "Politics" to examine what living in political community means, and how we can (still) make it wor... Read More


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