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Monday · 02 March 2020
Ollie goes to battle with a particularly stubborn piece of flatpack furniture and emerges changed forever. Meanwhile, George returns from his trip... More
Monday · 24 February 2020
This week, George wrestles with the responsibility of dog-ownership, and Ollie helps him prepare for a trip to Paris. The boys also share some of... More
Sunday · 16 February 2020
In this week’s episode, George helps Ollie recover from a day of high-anxiety. The boys describe how their lives have changed since being named one... More
Monday · 10 February 2020
This week, George has an exciting Monday and lifts Ollie out of his somber mood. The boys talk about the difficulty of making new friends as an... More
Monday · 03 February 2020
In this week’s episode, Ollie finds himself in conversation with the newly-appointed sixth sexiest man in Hertfordshire. George discusses his... More
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Monday · 02 March 2020