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Wednesday · 18 November 2015
The result of Meerkatnip’s exploration into the Pacifica problem ends up raising more questions than answers, and invasive events lead Nic to... More
Monday · 19 October 2015
Nic learns that the myth of Tanis might not be as dormant as he first believed, as he discovers a contemporary mystery, just as strange and... More
Wednesday · 04 November 2015
Nic’s search for Tanis leads him back to Meerkatnip, who introduces him to two of the internet’s biggest mysteries, and the Jack Parsons connection... More
Tuesday · 14 June 2016
A BONUS episode of TANIS featuring Listener Mail and more!
Wednesday · 18 May 2016
Cameron Ellis provides more information about what might be happening with what he calls “The Breach,” Meerkatnip digs up a strange audio recording... More
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Introducing: Shipworm

Monday · 07 August 2017

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