Automatically track and follow your podcasts. is no more

Lastcast set out to be a Trakt / like website for podcast listeners.

We reached a usable state for ourselves quickly at the beginning of the pandemic, and for a while that served us and our few early testers pretty well. But as challenging conditions in the world continued, we struggled to maintain momentum. It also become increasingly clear that in the current podcasting landscape it'd require substantial efforts to make the project useful to a broader audience. We're both pretty busy with our day jobs these days, so we decided to finally pull the plug.

We were genuinely surprised and delighted by so many of you reaching out with interest in the project over the last couple of years! Please don't hesitate to still write us at if you find (or create?!) a similar project – it's still something we'd both be interested in.

Philipp and Manu

Screenshots of the Lastcast website
The site is archived on