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Join for free and import your listening history from Overcast, Apple Podcasts and others. Discover new podcasts, see what your friends are listening to and get insights about your listening habits.

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On Lastcast you can track your podcast listening habits. It's what is for tv shows and for music. Built by two people in their spare time because they love podcasts and numbers – not to monetize or sell your data.

  • 💻 Import listening status from Podcast apps
  • 🌎 See what your friends are listening to
  • 📅 Keep track of when you listened to which episode
  • 🤓 Numbers! How many hours of podcasts? What's your favorite genre? We got it all.

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We support your favorite apps

Lastcast imports data from various podcast apps to sync your listening history automatically. Right now we are supporting the following apps.

Reasons why you might want to use Lastcast

No, we don't think you need a reason to collect unreasonable amounts of vanity metrics.

  • For some reason you want to know how many hours you spent listening to Podcasts.
  • You always forget to listen to that episode a friend recommended. Bookmark it on Lastcast instead!
  • You track your music on, TV shows on and there was no place to do the same for podcasts. Until now!
  • You listen to Podcasts on multiple platforms and sometimes forget where you left off.
Keep track of the progress per show or glance at the past months.

Developers and Nerds

We have the right API if you want to integrate Lastcast into your own apps or scrobblers.

Check out our developer documentation or contact us if you have specific questions.